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Professionally set up to make sure your audio sounds brilliant. Controlled with his remote desktop set up within his booth, Chris is able to adjust settings on the fly to ensure the best quality for each project. He can have audio files turned around in as little as 24 hours depending on the scope of the work. Most clients receive their completed script back the same day! 

Local to DC and only a few hours from Philadelphia and NYC, being situated in Baltimore, gives Chris flexibility whether he is recording for his European clients or US clients. Available for studio recordings upon request. 


  • Microphones: Sennheiser 416, AT4040
  • Mic Pre: UA Apollo Twin Duo
  • Monitors: R-15PM Klipsch monitor speakers and MTX 50 Audio Technika monitoring headphones.
  • Studio: Sound treated isolation booth
  • DAW: Mixcraft 7


  • Delivery methods: Dropbox, Google Drive, Email 
  • editing and delivery after the session
  • 24hr turnaround for most projects
  • High quality audio output in any format required
  • Skype  for remote direction
  • Fast file transfer services




Not from here. 

You may have noticed. I don't sound like I live on the East Coast but I assure you that I do!

A transplant from the UK to the US, it can't be said that I don't like to explore. Having lived in Dubai, the UK and the US, I have quite the global perspective which helps me understand international clients needs a bit better than most. 

If you're looking for a young, smooth, fresh voice, look no further for your next project. With a dash of humour and a pinch of quick wit, I can bring life to a script that needs a certain kind of energy.

Character work is one of my biggest passions and I provide an array of accents and characters ideal for video games, animation and even E-Learning. My voice has been featured in audio-books, video games, explainer videos, not to mention the countless other projects I've done for my clients.

Want to try before you buy? Please get in touch and ask for an audition, they are 100% free to see if I'm right for your project.

Give me a shout via email or via social media, I respond to messages extremely quickly.

 Chris is represented by the The Atherton group.

Chris is represented by the The Atherton group.

Chris' stats.

  • Voice match from Kit Harrington (Jon Snow - Game of Thrones)
  • Young, global, warm, sincere, dynamic, caring, soothing, witty, snarky, energetic
  • Nationality: British
  • Accents: British RP/General American,  French, Russian, German 


Voiceover training.

  • Richard Horvitz - Animation character development
  • Marc Grau - Character and monster workshop.
  • Linda Brennan - Accent Training
  • Character Acting development - GVAA



Want to get in contact? I'm reachable through social media, email and Skype! Whichever method you choose, I'll get back to you as soon as possible to chat about your voiceover needs. 

If you'd like to send me an email directly, please fill out this form and I'll be notified instantly. 

I look forward to working with on your next project! 


Skype: chris_sharpes


Time Zone info: GMT -5 (US Eastern)


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