You hurt my feelings.

Something crops up a lot I've noticed and it needs addressing. People post their work and that's wonderful and ask 'HOW IS THIS?!' or 'WOW! LOOK AT MY IMPRESSIONS' - the list goes on. For the vast majority, the sound is awful, the acting is bad and mic is clipping. Harsh? Maybe but the question is will you learn from it or take it personally?

If I can say anything from my personal experience, it would be this.

Don't be afraid of getting your feelings hurt.

Critique helps you improve yourself an artist. Don't get discouraged because you get knocked back. It happens all the time! One star on a P2P site? Ouch! Maybe you auditioned for a booming announcer role, whereas you know your voice is light and playful. Maybe you weren't hydrated? Perhaps there was a popping on the recording you somehow failed to edit? 

If you post something and get upset or offended that people think it isn't that great, or they flat out bash it (an approach I don't care for), instead of going on the defensive, perhaps ask the person why they think that.

Is it your sound quality? Is your space not properly treated? Is it just a sub par impression? Can you hear the dishwasher in the background? Be honest with yourself.

Examine your recordings and say 'Right, I can do a, b or c better next time." - I guarantee, your next recording will show improvement.

These are not reasons to get discouraged but to simply improve your performance. I've put demos into some pro groups and gotten VERY honest feedback. I fixed the issues and have improved my work as a result.

I pushed a demo to a professional group recently. It wasn't to show off, nor to say 'Wow, look at me, I am a wonderful voice actor. *puffs chest*' - I was ready for the critique. Most listened and they couldn't find a fault in the sound quality. However the one comment that got me was the following. 

"I didn't believe a single character in that demo." 

That part hurt initially as I've been working incredibly hard on my character work. Now, this wasn't a rude comment but an honest one and I truly appreciate that more than someone just saying 'Sounds great!' Compliments don't help your work, they only help your ego. 

However, clearly I had not delivered the goods. My initial reaction was to kneejerk but I took a second and listened to my work and he is right, I really only believe 2 characters out of 8 on here. Despite it stinging, it helped immensely.

However, when asking for advice, to quote Bob Bergen here,  consider your source when you receive critique. Is the person reviewing it someone that you would consider an equal or someone higher up the chain/someone you admire?

Validation is wonderful but be confident in your abilities. Keep working on stuff that makes you happy and listen to your work.