Voiceover Training and a new website look!

It's been a while since I last posted and I thought as we've all just enjoyed a rather lovely holiday weekend here in the US, it was time to catch up with all of you. 

The website has a fresh coat of paint and it's far more visually appealing now, so I hope you all enjoy it. Along with this I've got the lovely Lauren Bennett, who you can follow on twitter @temporaryglitch who is in the process of making this rather lovely banner. I'm leaning toward this being the brunt of my social media branding for now as the way she colours her artwork is nothing short of AMAZING! Just a sneak peek for now!

In other less charming news, my workhorse of a microphone decided to swan dive aloft from its stand and crash into the floor. Fear not however, a replacement has been ordered and I shall be fully operational come Thursday. I decided to upgrade to a Rode NT1 as I've had a lot of colleagues really sing high praises. The dream is the Neumann TL103 but for now, quality is still a big priority for me and the Rode just sounds fantastic. 

I've been taking some training with both Robin Armstrong and David Rosenthal who are both well renowned teachers in this industry. It feels extremely exciting to have proper coaching and critique, as we never should stop improving, regardless of our profession.

That's all the news for now but please follow me on twitter at @chrissharpesVO or drop me a line on LinkedIn or Facebook, just click on any of the social media buttons on this page.