Maiden Voyage

So I thought I'd finally add this section to my site and hopefully share some trials and tribulations as I work toward advancing my voice over career. Will be short and sweet here but some highlights none the less!

It's been an intensely educational start to my year thus far and It has truly changed how I've been looking at things. 

Started off the year taking a character/animation course with Richard Horvitz aka Invader Zim. Lovely chap and it was extremely fun to Skype in those sessions. Really helped to loosen me up and bolster confidence. Whole new perspective on how to approach copy, whether it be one line or two hundred lines. 

Finally took the plunge and joined Voice123 - which is the next portion of my rollout plan to gain new clients and introduce myself to new realms of VO. Already recouped my costs and enjoying auditioning so far. Fingers crossed! 

This last week has been exciting however, managed to have one to one chat with Robin Armstong in LA about the state of the VO industry, had him listen to my demos and give some thoughtful critique. Following that, I got to sit on on a webinar about voice over for video games with Dave Fennoy - really great to watch him work and hear other people take a crack at some copy. 

All in all, pretty promising - the studio build is next as the my basement will finally have a wall, a window and a door, aka the new batcave for recording. 

I'll update this as it goes, hopefully I'll have some more fun stuff to share!